Why Are Cold temperatures Trips to Warm Places Therefore Dangerous?

The closer the full time of snowfalls and frosts is, the tougher is the need to try to escape from each one of these winter “charms” to warm countries. At the very least for several weeks… and just tenacious health practitioners keep stating that cold temperatures holidays in warm countries will bring not just satisfaction and bright impressions.

In most warm nations like Egypt or Thailand the “velvet” season begins in winter. Currently the weather becomes probably the most comfortable. And individuals who are now living in the north and continually have problems with the lack of sunshine simply require going to warm countries.

The change of environment is also the best way to cure the growing season blue. Probably, most people are acquainted with drop of strength, apathy, drowsiness, and quick fatigability – the forerunners of winter. And a cold temperatures journey to a warm place is the better way out. It is much like leaping into the ice-hole after a warm water shower, nevertheless, their reviving impact is even tougher and longer.

Such a “comparison” holiday can help obtain energy to those who suffer from super-activity of thyroid gland, lung problems, in addition to to people to whom temperature and dried air, particular to amazing nations in summertime time, are contraindicated. Oxygen, full of contaminants of the vitamin salts, increases the respiratory system and positively impacts parent people’s health.

And it is also maybe not price expressing that sunrays remove poor temper and stresses. ciepłe kraje, oxygen and easy sea shall rapidly help you to forget your everyday issues, boost your mood and restore the total amount of mind. Numerous tours, cruises, activities and other resort entertainments can bring you several positive feelings that often absence in our daily life.

However, such a holiday has a unique disadvantages. Stubborn health practitioners keep saying that such contrasts would bring not only delight and brilliant emotions, but in addition harm our health.

Preparing our trip, we usually omit crucial subtleties that’ll provide all advantaged of the journey to nothing. We forget our body is altered to special climate conditions, and their quick modify may damage our health. Out body especially poorly responds to the change of climate in cold temperatures, whenever we get tired of considering gray winter sky and filthy snow-banks and suddenly find ourselves on the wonderful shores of Egypt or Morocco. And we commence to question, why we’re subject to diseases in the midst of our fabulous vacation.

We should consider that on going from cold weather to summer our human body needs a significant period of time to readjust it self, since our “internal watch” however gets into its old way! That is especially very important to travelers who suffer from aerobic diseases, problems of the worried program, as well as for asthmatics.

Resting on the beach threatens us with the surplus of the uv rays which can cause various skin disorders, allergy symptoms, and might be harmful for hypotensive and hypertensive patients.

Besides, if you take care of your look, get ready that the effective “strange” sunlight shall dry and climate your skin. Or on the opposite, it will suffer with excessive sweating. That in their turn can lead to plugged epidermis pores, pimples and other unpleasant things.

It’s also wise to remember about shocks that that could be produced by the unexpected change from out of “cold temperatures” carbohydrate diet to ample exotic meals. Your body shall need to urgently mobilize itself in order to pass to the brand new metabolic activity. Besides, the “weird” water, unusual components of services and products and spectacular mixtures of foods might take your gastrointestinal system at disadvantage.

You should also consider that the procedure of reverse acclimatization following returning from summer to cold weather might turn out fairly unpleasant. If you dismiss it, despair, fall of power, dysorexia and cool can come back… and the joy of holiday will be taken to nothing.

In that situation, health practitioners suggest: on planning the winter holiday, “consult” not just your wishes, but in addition your health. If your wellbeing is okay, you may bravely go on a trip, since your body can acclimatize quickly and painlessly.

If the body is weakened with a infection or by gdzie jest ciepło w grudniu, you shall have problems while accustoming to “strange” conditions. In cases like this you need to greater spend your cold temperatures breaks in more traditional conditions.

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