What Are the Benefits of Cervical Traction?

There are a variety of cervical traction devices on the market today. Many are quite pricey and some are relatively cheap. Some Cervical Traction Devices are marketed specifically for men, whereas others are targeted towards women. Knowing which cervical traction device is best for you can help you keep your cervical spine healthy and pain free.

You need to first understand the difference between traction and bracing. Braces are actually a type of headgear that is placed over the top of your head and gently pushes it back into place. This is a very safe procedure that most people can do in their own home without any special tools or training.

Cervical traction on the other hand is a more invasive procedure that involves cutting and trimming portions of the soft tissue protruding from your cervix. It may also involve inserting metal staples into the cervical region in order to guide the bone back into its proper place. A good quality cervical traction device can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, whereas most braces will run you anywhere from $100 – several thousand. Since you will have to return to get the bandage changed, this process will require multiple visits.

If you decide to use cervical traction, you may experience varying degrees of discomfort at first. This is quite normal, especially since this is still a new technology. However, over time you should notice less discomfort. After several weeks or months of use, you may see a marked improvement. Your body will become accustomed to the traction device and you will begin to notice less pain.

Another benefit of cervical traction is the fact that you will be able to sleep better throughout the night. The specialized design of the bandage allows your cervical area to rest perfectly against your skin without any pressure or irritation. You may feel soreness initially, but this is only temporary. After a few days, you will probably not notice any discomfort at all.

In general, there are very few risks associated with using cervical traction as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Occasionally, you may feel an uncomfortable sensation. Also, as you move your arm, sometimes you will feel a small “twinge”, but this usually passes within a short period of time. You may also be required to wear a splint for the first few days you use cervical traction to help prevent swelling and bruising during the procedure.

The cost of undergoing cervical surgery will depend on many factors. The cost of your consultation will be one factor. Additionally, the doctor who performed your procedure will be one factor. Depending on the doctor and the hospital where your procedure is performed, you may be charged more or less for your procedure. If your insurance company covers such procedures, your doctor may be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost.

Overall, the benefits of cervical traction far outweigh any negatives. It can make a tremendous difference in your life if you are suffering from constant pain in your wrists, arms, and hands. Cervical traction can help ease the pain and dysfunction that you experience in these areas. Also, cervical traction has no known side effects, so you can enjoy relief from the procedure without worrying about any negative side effects. You can visit a doctor today to find out more about this non-surgical procedure.

If you have had a Cervical Injury before, you may have a longer recovery time than those who have not. Cervical injury can cause many different medical problems, which can complicate your recovery. With cervical traction, your healing time will be significantly reduced. This procedure can also help to improve the strength of your muscles so that you will not have to take any pain medications while recovering.

The procedure is very safe. There have been numerous case studies performed on the effectiveness of cervical traction. These studies have proven that this procedure is completely safe. Your doctor will explain everything you need to know including the risks and benefits of the procedure. After this discussion, you can decide if cervical traction is right for you and how it can improve the quality of your life.

A consultation with your doctor is the first step in deciding to undergo cervical traction. You will be given a thorough examination so that you can be sure that this procedure is right for you. Your doctor will ask you about the type of pain you are experiencing, any previous treatments you have had, as well as any medications you are taking. Once you understand what your condition is, you will be able to better answer questions from your doctor. Your treatment can begin as soon as your consultation is complete. You will be able to regain your independence after your procedure is completed.

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