The Importance Of Adding Worth To Ostrich Farming Solutions

Ostrich farming is a young enterprise at international, open market level. We still have a lot to understand from other enterprises, and from past experiences, each in ostrich farming and other livestock farming. But we want to take care that we understand from the proper sources. Just for the reason that 1 management practice works properly for one enterprise, does not guarantee that it will operate for all enterprises, or specifically when applied to ostrich farming.

For instance: Throughout the strategic analysis organizing meeting for ostrich farming, a speaker suggested that the management pattern utilised by De Beers Diamond mines be implemented in ostrich farming: He recommended that the price tag of ostrich skins be kept at high worth, just as De Beers had kept the value of diamonds at a higher value. This may sound like a great best, but it comes with specific, apparent draw-backs. Where a diamond, after mined has no determined shelf-life, and can be kept indefinitely, until the market trends benefit promoting, it does not hold true to ostriches, or any livestock at that. Once the production phase starts, that is ostrich eggs have been laid) the time readily available to make a profit from the chick that will hatch, starts ticking. And as soon as the ostrich is slaughtered, the shelf life of the processed items of ostrich meat has a quite brief time-line, except in the case of ostrich skins, which as soon as processed remains salable for a considerably longer time.

Hence we see that despite the fact that the model that De Beers presents us might sound best to a profitable industry, it is not suitable at all to ostrich farming. A particular extent of market handle and handle of provide and demand may well work, but can harm the market, and the ostrich farming ventures, considerably a lot more than it is assisting them. If it was only the ostrich skins that were used in ostrich farming, the ostrich meat and ostrich feathers would fall away as a low-value commodity, hence decreasing the possibilities for the small business to attain complete profitability.

There was a really nicely-grounded fear that the ostrich farming enterprise worldwide would endure or even collapse, if also lots of items were released into the marketplace with out any handle being practiced. Two normal marketing models exist which could be implemented in ostrich farming.

The model presented by NOPSA. They suggest selling all higher worth goods at higher value and low volume. (This would contain the ostrich skins). Medium worth merchandise are to be sold at a medium worth, and at medium volume. Lastly the low value goods can be sold at low worth, and at higher volumes. (Which includes the ostrich meat and ostrich feathers). can be undercut by competitors, whereas the higher value things should have a standardized price range.

The second model is the a lot preferable model rather makes use of adding value to all products to increase the volumes and prices. Adding value is performed by:
• Grading the excellent
• Noting the country of origin
• Supplying the ideal value
• Certification schemes

By adding top quality marks, and maintaining requirements for those top quality marks controlled and uniform, buyers readily spend extra, simply because the appreciate the worth the mark portrays. It enables for a competitive edge to preserve the production up and rates realistic, yet not suffocating the market place.

It will be properly worth your time to study the two models of marketing, and to hence let your ostrich farming venture to comply with sound and profitable advertising and marketing tactics.

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