The Best Minecraft Prison Servers

The best Minecraft prison servers are those that have not only won several popularity awards, but also provide great PvE challenges and opportunities for players to level up, whilst experiencing a huge amount of content within the levels themselves. With so many different prison servers available on the market today, it is important that you find one that fits in with your own understanding of the game. Below we look at some of the more popular prison games currently on the market and offer our reviews on the servers that have proved to be the most successful.

The best Minecraft prison servers all feature a unique setting, which enables them to create an atmosphere that simulates real life prison environments. Each server comes with its own unique story, and is populated by a diverse range of characters that you will meet while playing the game. Most famous characters include Witch doctor, Zombie grandma and the Big Witch. Each of these, as well as many others that can be played in the game, come with their own prison wings and guards that will need to be handled in a certain way in order to prevent unwanted visitors. There are also several achievements & secrets to uncover, that will make you feel that you’ve’really’ made a difference within the prison.

The developers of the best Minecraft prison servers, have ensured that they have included a complete range of challenges for players to tackle and take on. Whilst there are some simple objectives that you can tackle, the most important challenges involve jail breaks and finishing specific jobs, which will earn you cash and experience within the world. As you play, you’ll also discover new prison wings that can be used to create bridges, as well as construct prisons within the boundaries of your server.

Some of the best servers out there will also offer a variety of challenges that players can tackle whilst playing the game. For example, players who fancy becoming fishermen can find a fishing pole in one of the world’s biggest prison-like structures. Inside this, there is a catch area, which players can use to fish as many different types of fish as they like. Fishing in this environment is similar to that of fishing in a river, with the difference being that fish will remain alive in water. Once a fish has been killed however, it drops items such as bait, which can then be sold to other players.

There are several other challenges in the best minecraft prison servers out there, including those that take place within the different levels of the game. These include the prison wing that guards the entrance to your server, as well as the prison itself. In some of the best servers out there, you can fly through the prison by using a grappling hook. Whilst this might sound difficult, it is often possible to use a grappling hook on an electric fence, where a player needs to send a grappling hook through one of the holes to break it.

The prison environment in the best minecraft servers is also notoriously difficult, but the good news is that players have found ways to make the experience more difficult. One of the most popular servers is the wild prison, which allows players to pick up a shotgun and shoot at a variety of animals. Although this might sound good in theory, the animal won’t fall to the ground just like that! This makes hunting the wild animals in the wilderness a challenge, but it is often easier to simply shoot them at close range using a shotgun than to try to aim for the head.

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