SSE Jin Qiao Files Center: Using [email protected] to Explore Environment friendly Finance

The innovative developments in emerging technology, such as 5G, cloud computing, and major data, accelerate digital transformation. Like a data-intensive and technology-driven sector, the financial market is also going through significant disruptions led by digital technology.

Building reliable, high efficiency data centers having a lowered PUE has become an unstoppable tendency in the economic industry as the particular world moves toward the carbon neutrality goal.

In line with China? h? dual-carbon? data center solution providers , the Shanghai Stock market (SSE) shifts towards sustainability by building a green data center to lower its environmental influence. The SSE accomplished the Jin Qiao Data Center job, the largest info center with the highest amount of strength efficiency in Parts of asia? s financial industry, in 2019 in Shanghai.

Efficient cooling down solution is key for an environment friendly data center

Offering since the main functions center of typically the SSE as well as the internet hosting service facility intended for major institutions, the particular Jin Qiao information center houses 186, 000 racks and consumes over one hundred twenty million kWh associated with electricity every year, equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption with regard to 50, 000 homes in China. How to increase the strength efficiency and lessen carbon footprint involving the data middle had been a good urgent task intended for the operator.

The Heating, ventilation plus air conditioning (HVAC) system can always be energy intensive, sales for 75% associated with the energy taken by the files center. The key reason would be that the HEATING AND COOLING system has long links and complex structures. System components, which includes chillers, water pumps, and cooling towers, are independent of each other while having an impact while a whole around the HVAC system. Bettering the energy effectiveness of hardware alone cannot meet typically the requirements of the ever-changing IT load and even external environment.

i[email protected]: Smart cooling remedy to reduce PUE by 13% every year

To ensure typically the reliable and successful operation with the data center, the SSE selected Huawei’s [email protected] solution, which enables data centers to be able to automatically optimize energy efficiency. The smart cooling down technology depends on typically the AI algorithm to be able to determine the relationships between PUE and even the data associated with different features, and after that predict a PUE value. With the PUE value, the particular data center can make optimizations needlessly to say based on the particular current climate and load conditions to achieve the energy-saving target.

Inside one minute, the AI system might find the perfect coverage from 1 . 5 million parameter blends and predict the particular global power intake distribution under typically the policy.

Within one minute, the AI energy-saving algorithm may identify the perfect parameter combination beneath the latest outdoor conditions and even IT load from 1. 4 million combinations, work outside an optimal fixed of instructions, problem them, and supply feedback on what occurred.

Compared with typically the air conditioning of classic data centers, [email protected] enables visualization involving cooling links and even connections between distinct equipment and devices. In addition , [email protected] deploys the transformation from manual adjustment in order to intelligent collaboration. The annual average PUE from the data middle decreased by 13%, as well as the project won the National Fog up Computing Center Research and Technology Prize.

The Jin Qiao Data Center associated with Shanghai Stock Swap is Huawei’s initial attempt to integrate [email protected] into a new hyper-scale data middle within the financial industry. Later on, Huawei will help Shanghai Stock Exchange drive sustainable development by mutually building an environmentally friendly and low-carbon files center model regarding the financial market to contribute to eco-friendly finance.

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