Spend Your Vacation in the Capital of the Land of the Samurai, Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It’s a buzzing metropolis, with the most innovative people as its residents. The city is world famous for its latest technology and gadgets. It is evident from the tech savvy generation walking on the streets. Any electronic gadget gets outdated the fastest here. In spite of this modern image, it has a deep cultural core.تور توکیو

British Airways, Air Canada and US Airways are some of the major airlines that operate flights to Tokyo. Narita International Airport is where most of these international flights land. The city is famous for its public transport system. The mass transit system is extensive and is known for its precision timing. Prepaid fare cards offer the best fares for frequent commuters as well as visitors. The city is known to be expensive, densely populated and short of space. The first things to strike a visitor to this city are the tall skyscrapers, streets buzzing with people and neon lights flashing everywhere. But the city has much more to offer.

This Japanese city has a 500-year-old history and was originally just a fishing village. It is now Japan’s seat of power and the center of education and business. The weather here is subtropical, which means hot and humid summers. Winters can get very cold, although without snowfall. There are many cheap flights to Tokyo for travelers on a budget, so they can enjoy summer and winter here, depending on when they want to embark on their vacation.

The Imperial Palace and Gardens are a beautiful place to visit. It is the home of the Royal Family, who still enjoys the love and respect of the people. There are many parks and gardens around the city. The museums too are worth a visit. One of the options to explore the city is to take the popular Sky Bus Tokyo tour. It offers an open top bus ride around the city, with stops at most of the major tourist attractions. Sento or public bathhouses are also a must visit.

The people of this city practice Shintoism. There are a number of shrines around the city that make a perfect place to soak in the culture. These shrines are usually buzzing with people during the weekends, when the local residents put up small flea markets and antique markets nearby. A boat ride on Sumida River is well worth it, with the lights of the city adding that bit of glamour to the whole experience.

Some of the best views of the city are from the top of Tokyo Tower. It offers a spectacular view of the waterfront. Another place to enjoy an aerial panoramic view of the city is the Roppongi Hills outside the city. The cherry blossom season is celebrated here during March and April and this is the time when people from all over the globe come to see these trees in full bloom. Airfares are on the higher side during this season, but well worth it. Parks and gardens are usually overcrowded with families enjoying a picnic under these trees.

In spite of the hustle and bustle of the city and the concrete jungle it may look like at first sight, cheap tickets to Tokyo make a visit to this city worthwhile.

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