Reasons to Visit Royal Palace Madrid


The Royal Palace of Madrid is known for the former residence of the Royal Spanish family in Madrid. The Royal Palace of Madrid Covering also covers the area of over 1,45 thousand sq feet, and three thousand four hundred and forty-one rooms.


As one of the most significant structures in Europe, the Royal Palace of Madrid does not presently occupy the royal family. However, the family of King Felipe Vi lives in Zarzuela’s Palace. Officially announced to the public with the fee of €13, the Royal Palace of Madrid is now owned by the government of Spain.


What’s in Royal Palace Madrid?

Architect by the Italian architect Filippo Juvarra, Royal Palace Madrid is all about the Spanish Royal family residence. The first person to build the Royal Palace of Madrid was Muhammad I between 860 to 880. After that, Henry III of Castille made several towers.


As a historical place of Madrid, Royal Palace Madrid has a beautiful interior design that represents Spain. However, Royal Palace Madrid is about the residence of the Royal Spanish family and the Statues of the Gothic King with a number of sculptures.


Why is Royal Palace Madrid so famous?

The Royal Palace of Madrid is also famous for its remarkable sculpture and places like the Statues of the Gothic King, Paseo Principal, and Sabatine Gardens.

On the other hand, the interior design of the Palace is coated with artistic rooms like Grand Staircase, The Royal Library, Pharmacy, and The Royal Armory. Royal Palace Madrid also displays the royal apartment and hall of the Royal family.


Is it Worth visiting Royal Palace Madrid?

Displaying the Royal palace and interior design of the Royal family is worth seeing with the naked eyes. The luxurious life of the King Charles III’s, Queen’s apartment, The Crown, Apartment of Infante Luis.


What is the Best Way to Visit Royal Palace Madrid?

Discover the luxurious lifestyle of the Royal life of a Spanish family by booking yourself a Royal palace Madrid tours & tickets. These tours are all top rated and have garnered positive feedbacks from the previous customers. The total price of the admission ticket for adults is €10, €5 for over 65-year-old people and children of 5 to 16 years. While you are in Madrid also consider visiting Prado museumwhich is Spain’s most significant national art museum


For the most flexible duration, you can join the Hop on with Hop-on-Hop-off tour for your comfortable travel to Madrid City with the validity hour of 24 to 48 and the 37 stops.

Enjoy your ride with the 360-degree panoramic view of the Royal Palace of Madrid with the ticket price from 17.02 to 22.95 euro. And for the best tour experience in Madrid City, visit the open bus tours in Madrid.

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