Pit Bulls Don’t Use Social Media : Location-Based Solutions Are Not the Party invitation to Be Robbed

Despite the particular overblown hype about a new website called Please make sure to Rob Me, which should make the point of which people that use location-based services (internet based resources that submit your location) are essentially “asking in order to be robbed, micron the hype and fear-mongering will be way overblown.

Utilizing a location-based service such as Foursquare, Gowalla as well as any number of forthcoming location-based mobile games is not going to substantially enhance the individual’s risk any kind of more than crossing this road makes one additional vulnerable to being strike by way of a car. Can this happen? Sure. But the odds claim extremely against it.

Alleged personal safety measures experts (who can be in the business associated with demonstrating a need for their services) always point to the increase throughout criminal activity that are connected to the use involving social websites services like Twitter together with Twitter, where, for example, a good target writes a status up-date saying he or she is definitely leaving village for a new week, and later arrived home to find that they had been recently robbed.

Although intent statisticians would be rapid to point out that even though such instances are raising, so, way too, is the make use of social media. One could just as quickly state that lottery winning trades that use Facebook can be furthermore on the rise. Certainly not mean using Fb makes a person more possible to win this lotto. The same thing could possibly be said of cars in addition to crashes. The idea goes without saying that as traffic boosts, so, too, will certainly traffic accidents. But that doesn’t ensure it is unsafe in order to drive a car.

We’ve still to see any kind of real data about often the percentage of people who use interpersonal services versus the percentage involving those same people that were being victimized because of their own use of those services. I’d personally guess that the “social media transgression rate” can be about the same because the entire crime level in the United Areas, meaning that using social press services isn’t going to make a person any more susceptible rapid and one could argue that acquiring your friends find out what your location is and what you’re doing really makes a person safer.

But the Make sure you Rob Me website will go a step over and above simple social media marketing, though. With Twitter plus Twitter, one possesses to purposely disclose area data. With marketing consultant adelaide centered services such because Foursquare or even Gowalla, which is very point. Please Rob Me personally takes all that information and broadcasts your area and status updates to make the point that, because the particular person isn’t home, his / her or her residence can be empty and waiting for you to be swindled.

That would certainly be some sort of dangerous premiss.

A 100-pound Pit Fluff doesn’t use position based mostly services. For that issue, neither do a whole lot of family members participants of those which do, several of whom might be longing for a Please Ron Me personally bad guy with some sort of. 44 Magnum. The stage, of course, is the fact that would-be robbers and various other crooks would be completely foolish to depend in location-based services and/or public media to pick their particular affected individuals.

And they no longer.

Real criminals use some sort of full range of instruments, and social media and location based services are, no more than, just one of many tools they can try for you to use against you (assuming they have access in order to your profile – nonetheless that’s the subject involving another post). The real query is whether or maybe not necessarily the social and entertainment value of services similar to FourSquare, Twitter and Twitter are greater than the particular tiny additional amount regarding danger one considers as soon as using those services.

Knowing from the billions involving consumers of these solutions, it’s safe to say that verdict is within, and hypesters at You should Take advantage of Us are accountable of fear-mongering.

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