In occasions of uncertainty, their time to end being reactive and start being PROACTIVE!


Find out how IDAS ground breaking technology, help and discover how can help you minimize line stoppages, previous expenses and conversation break up in times of uncertainty and travel stoppages.

The distribute of the coronavirus has rattled the planet economy and with growing issues of world wide journey stoppages, their time to change your supplier’s management strategy and add cutting edge on-line methods that could support decrease efficiency and interaction issues in the approaching months.

Our special mixture of AI technology and accumulated experience will help you improve your manufacturers performance and communication problems beforehand through recognition of on-time delivery issues prior to them occurring, transparent real-time communications, elimination of non value-added procedures, raising accountability, 360-degree presence across the entire offer base which reduces the immediate significance of on-site visits.


IDAS Distinctive integration of cutting-edge technology predicated on a proven global interaction software and another technology of parts forecast algorithm or PPA.

Supplier Portals

The Supply cycle pair of methods were created to help SCM teams greater monitor suppliers start PO’s and created elements by allowing manufacturers to update information in an easy, simple and fast guaranteed web portal. The tools including the Company Site, Supplier Shipments and parts tracking ,may improve the movement of data between suppliers and SCM clubs there by raising presence, traceability and giving you the various tools to connect and get the right decisions to achieve on time deliveries.

Elements Prediction Software (PPA)

We get pride inside our ground-breaking PPA Algorithm allowing source chain clubs to examine and evaluate providers information and task over time. This includes famous and recent acknowledgments, manufacturing, and delivery styles and data. PPA provides a forecast process and sign for your produced pieces at your suppliers, allowing you to make the appropriate choices and to handle and guarantee on-time delivery Delivery Assurance.

Type of Balance (LOB)

Our LOB Company can help you address the question of how aligned is supplier unique areas manufacturing along with your demand. Save yourself time , income and methods presently allocated to calling and controlling your providers, with our on line computerized and on website capabilities.

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