Come to China to Learn Chinese

Why do increasing numbers of people learn Chinese? Because Chinese may be the world’s hottest language. Nowadays, the Chinese language is extremely important. It is one of the six official languages that the United Nations mandated to use. If you want to learn a language well, you need to love it from underneath of your heart. Chinese characters have thousands of years of history, and it is accepted as a pictographic characters. Deng Xiaoping opened China’s door window to the planet, China is a large market, many foreigners want to do business with Chinese, so that they should learn Chinese. I really believe with China’s growing influence on the world, more and more people will be interested in the Oriental.

What’s more, so that you can encourage visitors to learn Chinese, France media gives several known reasons for that. Learning Chinese is good for business. There are progressively more French people arrived at China to seek development. You’d better understand some Chinese to be able to make a difference in negotiating table in the business market. So come to China to learn Chinese is the most effective way to understand Chinese well. Also learning Chinese is a magic tool to find a job in foreign countries. Many companies consider Chinese as an art when in the recruitment of younger workers. Some individuals say that it’s less ideal for people can speak English, but without knowing Chinese, we are struggling to move and can’t adjust to the changing society.

Many people think learning Chinese is difficult, but in fact Chinese grammar is incredibly simple. The only person difficult in learning Chinese is that the pronunciation is difficult, when in the training process you should pay attention to the four tones.

In addition, learning Chinese can help train the nerve cells. Chinese characters is very interesting, and they can convey one’s ideas and express one’s feelings correctly. Learning Chinese is simple to understand the Chinese culture.

I’m a Chinese, but I lived in the us from six years old. THEREFORE I am not familiar with Chinese at all although I am Chinese. But nowadays a lot more foreigners are learning Chinese, my school also open Chinese courses. I still remembered clearly my Chinese teacher asked me to learn an article. I looked at each one of these words I learned, but I possibly could not be read. At that time, I think it is hard to be. At that time I made a decision to learn Chinese again. I studied for just two years but still found there is no progress. I have read from a newspaper that if you wish to learn a language well, you must know the country’s culture and history, the easiest way is to study and work there. So I decided to go to China to learn Chinese .

I went to China to understand Chinese for about three years, and I made great progress. Now I can communicate with my Chinese friends in fluent Chinese, and also write letters to them. I’m proud of it.

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