Best Surfing Beaches in Australia

The state of Victoria is home to some of the greatest surfing beaches in Australia, from remote stretches on the west coast to popular areas along the Victorian coast.

Some of the best surf beaches in Australia are located around Victoria, stretches of sand on the country’s southern coast that is popular with surfers looking for big waves. There are also some great surfing spots along sections of the Victorian coast that are less frequented by visitors to the area. Here is a list of the best surfing beaches in Australia.

Lorne Beach

Lorne Beach in Lorne is one of the most popular surf beaches in Victoria.

Surfers flock to this stretch of golden sand on the east coast of Australia, south of Melbourne, to enjoy its big waves and powerful swells. It’s also home to an annual surfing contest known as “Gnaraloo.”

Port Campbell

Another good surfing destination in Victoria is located at Port Campbell, a small coastal town on the Great Ocean Road. It’s known as one of Australia’s most scenic surfing locations and features a rock formation located about 100 meters offshore called “The 12 Apostles.” Swimmers need to watch out for strong waves and rip currents.

That said, the entry to this beach is through a narrow channel. It’s not really suited for surfing, but it does allow individuals to swim out in deeper waters.

Dunolly Beach

On the west coast of Victoria, in the small coastal town of Dunolly, there’s another great surfing area called “Dunolly Beach.” Here visitors will find a secluded stretch of sand along the Surf Coast, south of Warrnambool.

Port Fairy

Located in Western District near Port Fairy is another great surfing location that features a vast expanse of golden beach, which is lined with trees and rocky outcrops. The area also boasts a warm temperate climate. This makes it ideal for surfing.

Nelson Bay

Located along the east coast of Tasmania, on the east coast of Australia, south of Hobart is another great spot for surfers to catch waves. It’s called Nelson Bay and features a sheltered stretch of beach dotted with surging waves and breakers.

Some visitors choose to launch their own surfboards as part of their holiday on this popular stretch of beach. Others rent surfboards to experience the thrill of riding the giant waves that have made this area so famous.

Beach Road, Rye

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, just west of Melbourne is another great surfing destination called “Rye.” This area has become very popular with surfers who flock to this stretch of sand on weekends and public holidays to enjoy the powerful swells.

Bells Beach

Located at Torquay, just south of Geelong is another great surfing destination known as “Bells Beach.” This famous Victoria beach is also a favorite with bodyboarders who come here to ride the swirling waves.

Winterton Beach

Just south of Nelson Bay on the east coast of Tasmania is another popular surfing destination called “Winterton Beach.” Surfing enthusiasts flock to this stretch of sand during the winter months to experience the powerful swells. This area is also known for its wild winds and strong currents so people should only swim at this beach with caution.


Another great surfing destination is located at Rivermouth, a quiet beach town in northern Tasmania. Here visitors will enjoy the tranquil and picturesque nature of this stretch of golden sand.

Pipers Beach

South of Melbourne along the west coast of Victoria is another good surfing location called “Pipers Beach.” It’s home to a popular surf break and is a favorite with local surfing enthusiasts.

During the holiday season, spectators come here to watch their friends and family take on the powerful waves. This beach also offers visitors some scenic panoramic views of the coastline which makes it an ideal spot to sit down and relax for a while. Does this article interest you in finding someone to keep you company in Sydney? Log on to Ivy Societe, and make sure that your interests are well met.

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