All About Summer Camps

The idea of summer camps scottsdale came to be in France when Pastor Bion invited children who had lived during the war to his place in the country where they could once again enjoy the freedom of just being children. It was a place in the Alps in 1876. These were then called holiday camps where the children had adventures,Guest Posting built things from wood, had dramatic play and sang songs.

In the past, the thought of summer camps has always been of places in the country to enjoy nature with groups of children hiking, canoeing and singing songs by the campfire. While there still are many groups with traditional experiences such as this one, many more contemporary ideas for camps are springing up for the summer. The Boys and Girls clubs continue to offer day or overnight camping adventures. There are camps only for boys that emphasize land, water sports and team building.

In the mean time, most of the existing camps have been adding new programs. The newest interest in summer camps is more of an idea of an enrichment program helping the children to improve their skills in activities such as dramatic arts or creative writing, sports camps, music appreciation or video gaming. There are tech camps, travel camps and sports camps. Other variations are cheerleading camp and tumble camp or horseback riding camp.

The summer camps are a popular venue for the churches to run their vacation religious schools. There are Jewish camps and Christian camps. Other countries run summer camps today also. In Canada, the idea is very popular. In Australia it is not so much because their summer break is during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. France still has their colonie de vacances. There are very few offered in India.

Many of the summer camps here are aimed at cultural development and self improvement. The people attending the children are called the counselors. If it is an overnight camp, they are often called a cabin leader. Some of the camps are meant for overnight stays and with some it is an option and could go either way. Some of the older children opt to travel to a foreign country on a summer travel program. A more obvious summer program is a science and nature camp.

The summer camps can be for profit or not for profit. There are government camps and specialty camps run by 4 C, YMCA, Campfire USA, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. Another opportunity for children in higher grades of high school is to spend the summer living in a dorm and possibly earning some college credit taking a summer school class. Many of these have a science, math or engineering component. There are other colleges who will offer a larger range of classes by for non credit.

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